Cosmic U.F.O. Investigation Center

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Cosmic U.F.O. Investigation Center
Abbreviation CUFOIC
Formation c. 1956
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Strongsville, Ohio
Main organ Cosmic News (1956-57); The U.F.O. Hotwire (1957-58)

The Cosmic U.F.O. Investigation Center was an Ohio-based ufology organisation, established in the mid-1950s by Roger Pierce and Howard Neuberger. The center published newsletters the Cosmic News from 1956 through 1957 (which was merged with Gray Barker's Saucerian Bulletin in August 1957),[1] and The U.F.O. Hotwire (1957-1958).



  1. Barker, Gray, ed. (15 August 1957), "ATTENTION FORMER SUBSCRIBERS TO 'COSMIC NEWS'", The Saucerian Bulletin (Clarksburg, W. Va.: Saucerian Publications) 2 (3): 4-5, "At the request of Roger Pierce and Howard Neuberger, editors of COSMIC NEWS, that publication is being combined with THE BULLETIN[...] It will be no use to question Pierce of Neuberger why they had to stop publishing their magazine; at least I haven't been able to get them to tell me."