Colonial Order of the Acorn

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Colonial Order of the Acorn

Motto Ab Initio
(Latin: "From the beginning")
Formation 30 January 1894; inc. 3 Feb. 1894[1]
Purpose/focus "To cherish and perpetuate American traditions and associations, and to promote patriotism and loyalty to our National Institutions."[1]

The Colonial Order of the Acorn is (or was) an American-based hereditary organisation, founded in 1894 and open exclusively to nominated men who are of fraternal descent from a settler who was resident in any of the thirteen North American Colonies (that became the United States of America) prior to the Fourth of July 1776. The order acted as a historical society, collecting and publishing papers on the Colonial period, in addition to encouraging American traditions and loyalty to the nation.

Selected Publications

New York Chapter


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