Civilian Saucer Investigation of New Zealand (CSI-NZ)

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Civilian Saucer Investigation (New Zealand)
Abbreviation CSI-NZ
Formation 13 October 1952 [1]
Dissolution c. 1959
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Director Harold H. Fulton
Main organ Flying Saucers; Space Probe

Civilian Saucer Investigation of New Zealand was an Auckland-based ufology organisation, founded by Harold H. Fulton in October 1952, assembled with the lofty goal of seeking to "prove or disprove the flying saucer mystery."[1] The group published a newsletter entitled Flying Saucers (later renamed Space Probe).

According to some reports, the group was disbanded due to intimidation by Men in Black (similar to claims by Albert K. Bender and his IFSB); this, however, is false - though Fulton did admit to having been party to unusual events (as described by Barker & co.),[2] they did not cause him to shutter the C.S.I. group. The organisation's operations were suspended following Fulton's transfer from New Zealand to Singapore, and its archival materials were eventually transferred to NICAP.[3]


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