Chirothesian Church of Faith

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Chirothesian Church of Faith
Formation 1917
Headquarters Los Angeles, Calif.
Key people W. Grant Hess, D. J. Bussell

The Chirothesian Church of Faith is a Christian organisation emphasising healing and belief in natural religion, founded in 1917 at Los Angeles by W. Grant Hess and D. J. Bussell. There have been several related churches, including the Aquarian Church of Chirothesia, established since the foundation.

The church's use of the theological term "Chirothesia" (as imposition of hands) is said to be based on an understanding of a pre-Greek character Chi (representing C with a dot), taken in its original meaning as "the place where God's law is taught", and from this combining the Greek chiro ("hand") and theos ("God") to mean "led by the healing hand of God".[1]


  • — website operated by the Chirothesian Way of Life Center in North Hollywood, including history, books, and membership info
  • — website operated by Rev. Grace Bonnell, including weekly thoughts and lessons


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