China UFO Research Association (中国UFO研究会, CURA)

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China UFO Research Association
Abbreviation CURA (CURO)
Formation 1979 (as China UFO Enthusiasts’ Liaison Office, 中国UFO爱好者联络处)
Dissolution 1997
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Wuhan City; Guangzhou City; Beijing
Directors 查樂平 [Cha Leping] (1980-1983);
榮麟 [Liang Ronglin] (1983-1986);
孫式立 [Sun Shili] (1986-1997)
Main organ Journal of UFO Research 

The China UFO Research Association (Chinese: 中国UFO研究会) was a PRC-based ufology organisation, founded in 1979 as the China UFO Enthusiasts’ Liaison Office (中国UFO爱好者联络处) at Wuhan University before being renamed in May 1980 and spreading across China as a national organisation.