Charles W. Caryl

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Charles W. Caryl
Charles W. Caryl - portrait.jpg

Photo portrait of Caryl, c. 1897

Born 12 November 1858(1858-11-12)
Oakland, California
Died 27 November 1926 (67)
Los Angeles, California
Noted work(s) New Era (1897)

Charles Willard Caryl (November 12, 1858 - November 27, 1926) was an American socialist and co-operative activist, a Colorado mine operator and real estate speculator, as well as a Spiritualist and esoteric thinker, notable as the founder and promoter of the New Era Union and the Vril Industrial System, sometimes referred to as the "Vril Society" (or "Vril Cult") in press sources.

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Press Coverage


  • "CARYL'S MISSION. Believes He Can Avert the Scourge of Cholera.", Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA): 5, 28 Apr. 1893,, "In his letter to Walter Vroom, of the University Settlement, Caryl declares that he has received a revelation from God that he is the instrument by which dire calamity throughout the world is to be averted. He speaks of a scourge of cholera which shall try the hearts of the people and a final dissolution of the world. This can be easily obviated, he writes, by following the doctrines he preaches. Caryl writes intelligently on all subjects but this." 





  • "POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT IS AFTER CARYL", Berkeley Gazette (Berkeley, CA): 1, 6 Feb. 1912,, "Caryl, who is organizer for the Vril Cult, an 'occult' society patterned after Arthur See's notorious Chicago organization, was arrested by the Post-office Inspector W. I. Madeira and Deputy United States Marshal Elmo Warner yesterday, on an indictment found by the federal grand jury in Denver."