Castelleale Flying Man

From Kook Science

The Castelleale Flying Man was an entity sighted flying over the fields of the Italian hamlet of Case di Mordano near Castelleale (comune di San Clemente, provincia di Rimini, Emilia-Romagna) during November 1974, described by the witness, Giovanna Sensoli, a local farmer, as a man approximately two metres (6.5 ft.) in height, wearing a helmet with a transparent visor, dressed in a one-piece garment with green, red, and white markings, and skiing boots with squared heels and toes. The man was reported to be seen riding on the back of a levitating box, a rectangular cuboid shape, which was controlled by a rod with coloured stripes and produced a sharp hum as it moved. The man and his craft flew over the Sensoli farm and eventually passed over a nearby cemetery called San Clemente, where, according to the witness, it may have landed. After the initial sighting, which was supposed to have lasted some fifteen minutes, Sensoli never saw the man or his cuboid craft again.