C. Hiram Carson

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C. H. Carson
C. H. Carson - portrait, c. 1909.jpg

As seen in 1909 newspaper advertisements

Born 2 December 1843(1843-12-02)
Died 3 July 1912 (68)
Kansas City, Missouri
Affiliations Carson College of Psychic Sarcology; Society of the New Revelation
Known for Temple of Health
Spouse(s) Rosetta M. [Simmons]

C. Hiram Carson (December 2, 1843 - July 3, 1912), or Hiram C. Carson, sometimes Charles Hiram Carson, was an American physician and Spiritualist who operated the "Temple of Health" at Kansas City, Missouri from 1888 until his death, his practice offering magnetic healing in the form of the laying on of hands (rubbed with capsicum vaselin) as well as "magnetised paper" treatments.

Selected Bibliography

  • Carson, C. H. (1908), Home Study in Vital Science, Kansas City, Mo.: C.H. Carson 

In addition to his own writings, Carson published two Spiritualist books that he asserted had been received from deceased wife Rose M. Carson, also known as "Rose the Sunlight," each describing her journey through the after-world. The first, in 1908, was entitled Through the Valley of the Shadow and Beyond; the second, in 1911, was Two Years in Heaven.