Buchanan Brothers and the Georgia Catamounts

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Buchanan Brothers and the Georgia Catamounts was a country recording group consisting of twin brothers Chester (1920-1999) and Lester (1920-2005) Buchanan accompanied by Mac Ceppos and his Orchestra. The group released 28 songs on records through RCA Victor from 1944 to 1947, including Atomic Power, (When You See) Those Flying Saucers and There is a Power Greater Than Atomic.

Selected Discography

Song Title Released RCA Cat. No. Serial No. Digital Copy
The Heartsick Blues 22 August 1944 20-2553B D7-VB-1294-1A
Don't Dog Me 'Round! 22 August 1944 20-3045A D7-VB-1295-1A
High Tempered Mama 29 September 1944 20-2743A D7-VB-1297-1A
Hootin-Nanny Papa 29 September 1944 20-3191A D7-VB-1296-1A
Mama, I'm Sick 20 December 1944 20-2129A/33-0523A D4-AB-492-1A
Blow, Forty Seven, Blow 20 December 1944 20-2129B/33-0536B D4-AB-494-1A
I Got Worries 20 December 1944 33-0523B D4-VB-493-1A
Them Good Old Times are Comin’ Back Again 20 December 1944 33-0536A D4-AB-491-1A
Colin Kelly, Will You Tell the Boys Up Yonder 19 June 1945 33-0531A D5-AB-419-1A
Troubles in my Heart 19 June 1945 33-0531B D5-AB-420-1A
Hurry, Johnny, Hurry 19 June 1945 33-0541A D5-AB-421-1A
The Bottom Fell Out of the Sky 19 June 1945 33-0541B D5-AB-418-1A
(When I Put On My) Long White Robe 27 November 1945 20-1953B D5-AB-965-1A
Am I Still P-A-R-T of Your H-E-A-R-T 27 November 1945 20-2106A D5-AB-964-1A
My Little Boy Blue 27 November 1945 20-2264B D5-AB-963-1A
Would You Cry? 27 November 1945 20-2891B D5-AB-962-1A
Atomic Power 19 March 1946 20-1850A D6-VB-1357-1A
Singing an Old Hymn 19 March 1946 20-1850B D6-VB-1358-1A
(Don't Cry) My Coney Island Baby 19 March 1946 20-2264A D6-VB-1359-1A
Then You'll Be the One to Cry 19 March 1946 20-3191B D6-VB-1356-1A
Shut That Gate 7 August 1946 20-1953A D6-VB-2623-1A
Left by the Wayside 7 August 1946 20-2106B D6-VB-2626-1A
Just Hangin' On 7 August 1946 20-2743B D6-VB-2625-1A
You'll Never Take Away My Dreams 7 August 1946 20-3045B D6-VB-2624-1A
(When You See) Those Flying Saucers 16 July 1947 20-2385A D7-VB-1290-1A
The Silver Meteor 16 July 1947 20-2385B D7-VB-1291-1A
There is a Power Greater Than Atomic 16 July 1947 20-2553A D7-VB-1292-1A
The Steam That Blows the Whistle (Never Turns the Wheel) 16 July 1947 20-2891A D7-VB-1293-1A