Brother Isaiah (John Cudney)

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Brother Isaiah
Born John Cudney
19 October 1847(1847-10-19)
Canada, B.N.A.
Died 21 July 1934 (86)
Oroville, California

John Cudney (October 19, 1847 - July 21, 1934), also known as Brother Isaiah (as self-proclaimed the 88th Incarnation of the Prophet Isaiah) and the Miracle Man, was a British Canadian-born Christian revivalist and faith healer active in New Orleans and Los Angeles in the early 1920s, and founder of religious colonies near Fort Myers, Florida[1] and Oroville, California in the years following.

Selected Bibliography

  • Brother Isaiah (1932), The City of New Jerusalem, Los Angeles: Wolfer Printing Company 



  1. "Built In anticipation of a second deluge", Rockland County Leader (Spring Valley, NY): 12, 1928-12-06,, "Built in anticipation of a second deluge, the houseboat homes of the Faith Colony established near Fort Meyers, Fla., four years ago by "Brother" Isaiah, are for sale, together with the rest of the colony's property. The twenty-five remaining members of a colony of 100, following receipt of a telegram from Isaiah in California advising them to comply with a court order to vacate an eighty-acre tract on which the colony was founded, are preparing to depart. Isaiah is said to be Investigating a site for a colony in California."