British White Oil (patent medicine)

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British White Oil
British White Oil - For Man and Beast - white lion on flag trademark (1884).jpg

British White Oil trademark: white lion on red British flag.

Medical Claims Cures rheumatism, kidney and liver complaints, neuralgia, lame back, coughs, colds, burns, cramps, colic, skin disease, all pains and inflammation.
Creator(s) Sir John W. Hall, M. D.
Vendors British White Oil Co.

British White Oil was a vegetable oil-based patent medicine, allegedly developed by an English physician named John W. Hall and manufactured for the North American market by British White Oil Co. of Rochester, New York, which promoted it as a pain remedy and general cure for a variety of ailments and afflictions.[1]


  • Sir J. W. Hall, M. D., London, England, Celebrated British White Oil, John Whitehouse (Rochester, NY), 12 Sept. 1882
  • British White Oil for Man and Beast, Lemuel A. Jeffreys (Rochester, NY), 27 Nov. 1883



  1. "THE BRITISH WHITE OIL CO., Rochester, N.Y.", The Industrial Advance of Rochester: A Historical, Statistical & Descriptive Review (Rochester, NY: National Pub. Co.): 86, 1884,;view=1up;seq=68, "In Great Britain this wonderful medicine was first introduced to the public by Sir John W. Hall, M. D., a celebrated English physician and surgeon of London, England, and the British White Oil Co. of this city have obtained the sole right for manufacturing it tor the United States and Canada[...] The oil is a combination of vegetable oils and is prepared according to the original formula of the inventor. Its application is both external and internal, according for what malady it is utilized. Its effects are not merely temporary, but it confers a lasting benefit. It is cleanly in its application, is at once available and it is inexpensive. While a valuable remedy such as this is offered to the public it is inexcusable to suffer pain which can be removed with a minimum of inconvenience and expense We have not the space to mention but a few of the ailments for which it is such a valuable specific, however for the following ills it is of incalculable value and should be applied according to directions accompanying each bottle: For Rheumatism, Lumbago, Lame Back, Neuralgia, Headache, Cuts, Burns, Scalds, Sores, Sore Throat, Lung Complaints, Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Coughs, Asthma, Quinsy, Piles, Boils, Felons, Corns, Bunions, Frost Bites, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Etc., Etc. It is also of the greatest value for the maladies of horses and cattle and for Stiff Joints, Corks, Cuts, Sprains, Swellings, Scratches, Ricks, Colic, Galls, etc., cannot be equalled."