Bernarr Macfadden

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Bernarr Macfadden
Bernarr Macfadden as Hercules.jpg

Bernarr Macfadden posed as "Hercules" (1894)

Born Bernard Adolphus McFadden
16 August 1868(1868-08-16)
Mill Spring, Wayne Co., Missouri
Died 12 October 1955 (87) [1]
Jersey City, Hudson Co., New Jersey
Occupation(s) Publisher
Nationality American
Affiliations Macfadden Publications
Known for Physcultopathy

Bernarr Macfadden (August 16, 1868 - October 12, 1955) was an American publisher and editor, founder of Macfadden Publications, but is most well-known today as a bodybuilder and health guru, sometimes described as the "Father of Physical Culture."

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