Authentic Music from Another Planet (1957 album)

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Authentic Music from Another Planet
Authentic Music from Another Planet cover
Studio album by Howard Menger
Released 1957
Genre Monologues, "Muzak"
Length 30:50
Label Slate Enterprises

"Authentic Music from Another Planet" is a 1957 recording by Howard Menger, featuring three pieces of instrumental music: "Marla," "The Theme from The Song from Saturn," and "The Song from Saturn." The former two pieces are described by Menger in his introductory monologue track as "interpretations that are taken from the actual music that has come to me from another planet," while the latter was "played by me while my fingers are guided by this strange force."

Track Listing

  • A1, "Narration By Howard Menger, Noted Lecturer and Author on Outer Space Flying Objects and Persons From Other Planets"
  • A2, "Marla" (Instrumental)
  • A3, "Theme from The Song from Saturn" (Instrumental)
  • B1, "The Song from Saturn" (Music from another Planet)

(Printed by Slate Enterprises of Newark, New Jersey as a long playing 3313 RPM vinyl record.)


I am Howard Menger. The following statements which I shall make are true facts that can and will be verified at the proper time.

The music that has been recorded on the reverse side of this record has come to me from outer space. I have been instructed by a person from another planet to bring this music to the attention of the people on this Earth. I have had direct contact with people from other planets, and have spoken with them on many occasions. I have ridden in their space ships; they have taken me to their planets, and have brought me back to Earth again several times. I have seen how they live, what they wear, what they eat, and how they look. They are friendly people, and are by far more advanced spiritually and physically than the people of this planet. At the present time they are observing us. They wish to help us to help ourselves to attain a higher understanding of life and its meaning.

Many people from this Earth have already seen some of their space craft, which they call flying saucers, and other flying objects, which they cannot describe. These objects are real, and are space crafts from other planets. There are people in them, and many of them have already landed on this Earth. They are now in our midst, mingling with you, and observing you without your knowledge. As I have said before, they are only here to help you: they are peace loving people, and worship the same infinite creator that we do. This shall all be proven at the proper time.

Now, getting back to the music that has come to me from another planet.

One day, while driving alone in my car, I suddenly noticed that I had no control of the car whatsoever. I kept riding for miles through the countryside under the direction of a higher intelligence. I knew that my car and I were being assisted by someone from outer space. I did not know where I was being taken. When I finally came to a stop, I saw an old cabin in the woods. It was the only cabin in sight for miles around, secluded and obscure. While I was standing outside the cabin, I heard the strangest music from a piano being played from within the cabin. I was entranced. I walked in and there sitting at the piano and playing was a man who later introduced himself as someone from the planet Saturn.

I looked at the piano and saw that it was entirely different from our conventional pianos. The instrument was much lower and closer to the floor, and the keyboard was much longer and contained many more keys than our piano keyboards. The keys had strange markings on them, which I did not understand.

I heard the music played only once, and yet it remained in my mind as if I knew it before. I was then told by this man to play this music on a piano, and bring it to the attention of the people here on Earth. I never before knew how to play the piano, yet it seemed that some strange force guides my fingers to play the music that I heard in the cabin.

I stayed with the man who said he was from Saturn, and with the two other wonderful men who said they were from Venus. I stayed with them through the early morning hours. There were other fascinating instruments and gadgets in the cabin. I asked many questions, which were answered, some of which will be revealed in my book.

Before turning this record over you will hear two selections. The first selection is titled "Marla" - she is the young lady pictured with me on the album cover. She is the sister of the beautiful blonde Venusian who spoke to me many years ago, who was my first contact from outer space. The whole story will be found in the books entitled "From Outer Space to You," written by me, and "My Saturnian Lover," written by Miss Marla Baxter. The second selection is called "The Theme from The Song from Saturn". These two selections are interpretations that are taken from the actual music that has come to me from another planet.

We will now hear "Marla," followed by "The Theme from The Song from Saturn".

You may now turn the record over and listen to "The Song from Saturn," as it is played by me while my fingers are guided by this strange force. I have also been instructed to tell the people that those hearing this music would get a feeling, would reach an awareness -- it would act as a mental assist to release something from their subconscious, and they would react in their conscious state with understanding and spiritual love for each other, toward mankind on this planet Earth. Now you may listen to "The Song from Saturn". Thank you.