Apyrtropher Society

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Apyrtropher Society
Purpose/focus Raw veganism
Headquarters Chicago, Ill.
President George J. Drews
Treasurer Carl Loeb

The Apyrtropher Society was a Chicago-based group of the early twentieth century, founded by George J. Drews, for the promotion of "unfired foods and hygienic dietetics" as the best means of preserving health and the attacking of allopathic medicine and any consumption of meat, alcohol, salt, processed sugar, and other unnaturalness in the human diet. Among their efforts to service the public good was a sanitarium, Health Haven, which employed Dr. J. W. Wigelsworth, D.N., of Pathometric and Anabolic fame, as lead diagnostician, offering all the latest in radiational and biodynamo-chromatic analysis.

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The group also distributed Apyrtropher Magazine.