Andrew Tomas

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Andrew Tomas
Born Андрей Павлович Бонча-Томашевский
23 June 1906(1906-06-23)
St. Petersburg, Russian Empire
Died 1 November 2001 (95)
Butte Co., California

Andrei Pavlovich Bończa-Tomaszewski (Russian Cyrillic: Андрей Павлович Бонча-Томашевский; June 23, 1906 - November 1, 2001), also known as Andrew Paul Tomas, was a Russian-born accountant and writer of Polish-Italian descent who authored several books on alternative world histories and ufology. By his own account, Bończa-Tomaszewski was raised in and spent his early adult life in China, before relocating to Australia in the post-Second World War period; thereafter, he traveled through Europe, conducting research into Atlantis and associated materials, before settling in California during the 1970s.

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