An Occult Vision (1920, H. A. Graves)

From Kook Science


I dreamed and lo, I saw an ox come forth
Out of a house, to which a camel was
Closely tethered 'twixt its door and window by
A heavy iron hook which held him fast.
A javelin appeared, beside a fence
Through which a writhing serpent wound its way;
While on the further side a man upraised
His hand, while in his hairy fist he held
A heavy ox goad. In a rippling stream
Of water near, there swam a fish. A post
Mine eye discerned; and through the fish's mouth
A fish hook, barbed, made it a prisoner.
And then the man's attentive ear did catch
A sudden sound, which made him turn his head
And he beheld the tenuous, sharpened teeth
Of finny captive sever through the line
Which held him there in bondage; then the man,
With reverential mien displayed a cross
And with it blessed the creatures. I awoke
And realized that I had travelled o'er
A score and two of Wisdom's mystic paths.

- H. A. Graves

Graves, H. A. (February 1920), "An Occult Vision", AZOTH 6 (2),