Amos W. Rideout

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Amos W. Rideout
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From an advert. for An Evening with Charles Dickens (1920)

Born 7 September 1859(1859-09-07) [1]
Wilton, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire
Died 15 October 1921 (62)
Newton, Massachusetts [2][3]
Affiliations Dickens Fellowship; Sons of the American Revolution

Amos Woodbury Rideout (September 7, 1859 - October 15, 1921) was an American pharmacist and Dickens scholar (who founded of the Boston Branch of the Dickens Fellowship) with esoteric and astrologic interests expressed through his publication Ye Quaint Magazine (1901-1904).

Selected Bibliography

Rideout was a contributor to the Practical Druggist and Pharmaceutical Review of Reviews (alongside John Uri Lloyd and others) and The Dickensian.