Alfred Lawson

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Alfred Lawson
Alfred Lawson - portrait.jpg

Alfred W. Lawson, c. 1920s

Born 24 March 1869(1869-03-24)
London, England, United Kingdom
Died 29 November 1954 (85)
San Antonio, Texas
Affiliations Direct Credits Society
Known for Lawsonomy

Alfred William Lawson (March 24, 1869 - November 29, 1954) was an English-born American aviation pioneer, responsible for the founding of the first U.S. airliner during the 1920s, and later proponent of a school of philosophy he called Lawsonomy (The Base of Absolute Knowledge), which, among other things, taught his own peculiar alternatives to conventional physics (such as Lawson's Law of Penetrability and Zig-Zag-and-Swirl Movement), economics (Direct Credits Society), etc.

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Of interest

In his youth, Lawson played baseball professionally for three games in the 1890 season as a pitcher, once for the Boston Beaneaters, twice for the Pittsburgh Alleghenys; his teams lost all three games.[1]