Alex Chiu

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Alexander Yuan-Chun Chiu (b. February 8, 1971) is an American inventor who patented in the late 1990s what he has since continuously marketed as Immortality Rings, these being plastic finger rings with opposing slots that hold neodymium or ferrite magnets to be worn in parallel on the pinky fingers, a practice that Chiu asserts speeds blood circulation, metabolism, improves the body's healing powers, and, effectively, grants physical immortality when the rings are worn consistently and correctly. In addition, Chiu sells foot braces that function similarly and in conjunction with the rings, a herbal supplement called Gorgeouspil that "cannot function without the rings" and promises the user will become "even more gorgeous than super models" and "one day reach PHYSICAL PERFECTION!!", as well as a Cell Realignment Machine that he has granted free rights to anyone to manufacture with the only licensing requirement being credit to Chiu as the inventor and a link to his website.

Selected Bibliography

  • Chiu, Alexander Yuan-Chun (2002), Super I-Ching: The Most Powerful Language of GOD, San Francisco, CA: CE Pub. 

Selected Patents

  • US5989178A, Magnetic Ring. 23 Nov. 1999, filed 2 Apr. 1997. "A method of utilizing a magnetic ring adapted to be worn on all the fingers including the thumb of each hand to supplement strength and speed of existing magnetic flux current cycled around a human body to increase health of the human body by virtue of blood circulation being directly proportional to magnetic flux and the magnetic flux being a natural turbine to circulate blood and which consists of no moving parts but yet still propels the blood, wherein the magnetic ring has a ring with a size adapted to comfortably and snugly fit on all the fingers including the thumb of each hand and a pair of permanent magnets that extend outwardly along opposed positions on said ring and have North and South poles..."
    • The patent was assigned, on 17 March 2000, to Inc., a Maryland corporation that was registered in January 2000, and which existed for some 34 months until October 2002 when it was classed "forfeited" by the state.