Al Fry

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Alison "Al" Homer Fry was an American publisher, as Fry's, of materials "on suppressed inventions, self-help, and mind function techniques," including ESP, time travel, teleportation, "superbrain function," &c., as advertised in his Incredible Inquiry Catalog.

Selected Filmography

  • The 1001 Nights: A Doorway to the Past, 1983 
  • Lock Up Dangers and Freedom Techniques, 1983 
  • Strange Creatures, 1984 
  • Strange Beings, 1984 
  • History You Never Heard - World War Two, 1984 
  • Hidden World History, 1984 
  • Triple Your Intellect and Memory, 1985 
  • Hidden Bible Knowledge, 1985 
  • Finding and Keeping a Soul Mate or Love, 1985 
  • Strange Phenomenon and History of the West, 1986