Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network (APEN)

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Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network

Stamp featured on A.P.E.N. correspondence

Abbreviation APEN
Formation c. 1970s
Purpose/focus Ufology
Supreme Commander J. T. Anderson

The Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network (APEN) was (and may still be) a secretive Ufology organisation of unknown origin and structure, notably active from the mid-1970s into the 1980s, when it reputedly operated under the executive direction of one J. T. Anderson, the self-proclaimed "Supreme Commander of APEN." The network mailed a series of letters and cassette tape recordings to various British UFO researchers, as well as extending suspect invitations to join or to review their evidence, which were typically declined or ignored (sometimes resulting in harassment), as reported by ufologists Jenny Randles and Peter Bottomley.