Abbott E. Kay

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A. E. Kay
Born 18 December 1873(1873-12-18)
Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois
Died 5 March 1944 (70) [1]
Elgin, Illinois
Alma mater Jenner Medical College (1895-97); University of Illinois, College of Medicine (1899)

Abbott Elliott Kay (December 18, 1873 - March 5, 1944) was an American physician and self-declared radiologist, a proponent of radium therapy, toward which end he was co-founder of Aaban Radium Co. (with Robert T. Nelson), and later acted as a promoter of Charles Fensky's Audiophone (Radium Ear). Kay has been claimed as the discoverer of "Vrilium" (in particular by Martin Gardner in Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science), though more likely that promotional work was purely a product of his former partner Nelson's efforts.

In his later years, Kay was institutionalised at the Elgin State Hospital, said to be possessed of a "paranoid state with schizophrenic features."[2]