飞碟探索 (periodical)

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Journal of UFO Research
Publisher 甘肃科学技术出版社; 甘肃人民出版社 (Gansu People's Publishing House); 由读者出版传媒股份有限公司 (Reader Publishing Media Co., Ltd.)
First issue 1981
Country China
Language Chinese (simplified)

飞碟探索 (English: Journal of UFO Research; UFO Exploration) is a Chinese-language magazine focusing on ufology. It was published between 1981 and 2018 before being suspended for a period, having reached 308 issues, prior to being relaunched in 2020.[1] During the 1990s, when the magazine was at its height of popularity, it reportedly reached a circulation of 300K, and spent much of its page space on coverage of everything from alien encounters to fringe hypotheses, including in particular subjects like Qigong; in recent years, since that peak in readership, the magazine has shifted from being a popular, if outlandish, purveyor of the strange to offering a more scientific-materialist coverage of UFOs and related phenomena.[2]