UFO Flying Saucers (Gold Key series)

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UFO Flying Saucers
Publisher Gold Key
First issue October 1968
Final issue February 1980
Company Western Publishing Company
Country United States of America
Language English

UFO Flying Saucers (renamed UFO & Outer Space in 1978) is a twenty-five issue comic book series, published by "Gold Key" (Western Publishing Company) between 1968-1980. It features basic retellings of UFO reports, including several famous sighting and abduction cases, and theories about the nature of the phenomena in a graphic narrative format.


Issue Guide

Iss. Year Month Stories Credits Notes
1 1968 October What is a UFO?; The UFOs and Flying Saucers!; The UFO Robbery; The Foo Fighters; The Age of the Flying Saucers; Early Types of UFOs and Flying Saucers; The Pilot Who Chased a UFO; Incident Over Alabama; The Lubbock Lights; The Day They Buzzed Washington; The Case of the Singed Scoutmaster; Life on Other Worlds; The “Operation Mainbrace” Story; Landing in France; The Saucers Strike at South America; Incident in the Park; Panic at Levelland; Who Flies the Saucers?; The Scare at Socorro; Modern Types of UFOs and Flying Saucers; The Exeter Enigma!; Mystery in Michigan; Earth’s Own Flying Saucers; Attack at Wanaque; The UFO Blackouts!; The Great Unanswered Question Leo Dorfman, Joe Certa, Luis Dominguez, Sal Trapani, Alberto Giolitti, Rocke Mastroserio
2 1970 November Signals from Space; UFOs on the Moon?; Panic over Mexico; The UFOs Invade Our Seas!; Your Future; The Whaling Bark; The UFOs over Russia; Snowmen from the Sky; Where Do the UFOs Come From? Luis Dominguez, Joe Sinnott, Sal Trapani, John Celardo
3 1972 November The UFOs Arctic Assault; The Mystery Monuments; Who is Murdering Our Astronauts?; Are the UFOs Living Beings? Luis Dominguez, John Celardo, George Roussos
4 1974 November The Mississippi Mystery; From Out of the Past; Marsh Gas in Michigan; Case #1: The “Shy” UFO / Case #2: Aliens Go Home!; The Night Visitors; The Kinross Kidnapping; Stendec; The Hoaxmaster Knows-- And Tells All!; Incident in Vietnam Frank Bolle
5 1975 February The Virginia Giant!; Escape!; Who Flies the Saucers?; The Invisible Thing!; The Maury Island Mystery; UFO Casebook; The War of the Worlds! Luis Dominguez, Frank Bolle
6 1975 May The Case of The Winged Serpent; Case #1: Several recent reports involve UFOs chasing automobiles!; Strike of Lightning?; Where Do Flying Saucers Come From?; The Terror at Moreno Ranch; The Hoaxmaster: "They say a picture is worth a thousand words!"; Are We Being Told the Truth?; The Attack on France Luis Dominguez, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling
7 1975 August Do Creatures from Outer Space walk the Earth?; Monsters Under the Skin?; The Silver-Suited Creatures; The Angel Hair Mystery; UFO’s The Shape They’re In; The Hoaxmaster: "Next to little green men from Mars..."; Are We Being Told the Truth?; Contact: Mind Over Matter; The Unsmiling Men; The Things People See! Luis Dominguez, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, John Celardo
8 1975 November The Strange Case of Doctor X; Do Space Healers Exist?; Blackout; Hoaxmaster; Who Believes in Flying Saucers?; Are We Being Told the Truth?; If Color Could Kill!; The Things People See! (I) Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling
9 1976 January Target: Earthlings; Do You Believe in Flying Saucers?; Fire in the Rain; Messages from the Past; The Red Rain; A Story That Could Be True; Ghost Lights; The Things People See! (II); The Monster on the Beach! Luis Dominguez, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, John Celardo, Joe Certa
10 1976 May The Phantom Bat Machines??; Secret UFO Files of the USSR!; The USOs: Unidentified Submerged Objects!; Town in Terror!; The Invisible Menance; The Hoaxmaster: It’s All in the Mind!!!; The Geneva Visitors; The Things People See! (III) Pat Fortunato, Luis Dominguez, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, Joe Certa
11 1976 August Pied Pipers from Another World!; The Girl Who Cried Wolf; Collision Course; Impossible Journey; The Hoaxmaster: "Fire" from Space; Charlie Red Star; The Campfire Story; Project Lure; Circle of Fear; The Things People See! (IV) George Wilson, Pat Fortunato, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, Joe Certa
12 1976 November Those Strangers in Black!; Frozen in His Tracks; Hawaii U.F.O.; The Astronauts Report!; UFOs in the Animal Kingdom; The Hoaxmaster: "Hoaxsters are exposed in many ways..."; Saved by a Saucer; The Things People See! (V); The Seven Clouds Pat Fortunato, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, Joe Certa
13 1977 January Crash Landing on Planet Earth; Are There Other Worlds?; Auto-Ufomation; Starring: UFO!; The Hoaxmaster: "Some people say that rock music is out of this world!"; A Story That Could Be True!; The Things People See (VI) Pat Fortunato, Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, Joe Certa, John Celardo
14 1978 June Reprint of issue #3 Luis Dominguez, John Celardo, George Roussos Series renamed "UFO & Outer Space" with this issue
15 1978 July Reprint of issue #4, as UFO & Outer Space Frank Bolle
16 1978 August Reprint of issue #5 Luis Dominguez, Frank Bolle
17 1978 September Mystery of the Sonic Booms; Message from Beyond; Reader's Report: Ian Dixon - Jim Clenney - Orvin Staupe, Jr. - Francisco Ribiero; Encounter Over Iran; U and Fo on Planet Earth: "Somewhere not far from Earth!"
18 1978 November Killer in the Sky; Reader's Report: Robin Justice - Pamela L. Jones; A Message from...; U and Fo on Planet Earth: "The ship came from a world of two-headed beings..."; Are They Here? Frank Bolle
19 1979 January "Here come the attack squadrons!"; Reader's Report: Rick Posey - Lavonne Baird - Glen Grubbs - Henry Davis; Tap-Tap-Tap; U and Fo on Planet Earth: "Part 3: U and Fo were stranded on Earth all alone..."; Cavemen or Spacemen? Nancy Moore
20 1979 April Mystery of the Ancient A-Bomb; "What if you were Frank Archer..."; Reader's Report: PFC. Glenn J. St. Etienne - Wilfred Paul - Lewis Anderson - Billy Soika; The Shiny Thing; The Case of the Cattle Killers Mel Crawford
21 1979 June Silent Visit; Reader's Report: Gerry Poon - Rickey Wayne Roger - Mike Witt - Billy Cullen; "What if one's man attempt to contact another world..."; Invisible Adventure
22 1979 August Aliens or Deities?; "When we first spotted the eerie glow..." (RR); The "Flying Saucer" Is Good News; "We turned to see this weird object landing..." (RR); "My father and I were driving in his truck..." (RR); "Radio Station Zebra to command..."; "I first became aware of something happening..." (RR)
23 1979 October Sky Chase; Reader's Report: Steve M. Hedges - Bob Jones - Jason Suhl; Stop! Stop!; The Hoaxmaster; "It is the year 1890..." Art Saaf, Al McWilliams, Nancy Moore
24 1979 December Encounter with Fear; Reader's Report: David De La Cruz - Kraig Morris - Milton Perry, Jr. - Randy Dyck - James Green; The Hoaxmaster Knows-- And Tells All!; The UFO Caper; ..."A weird series of interplanetary kidnapping occurred..." Frank Bolle, Lance Moore
25 1980 February Reprints from issue #2: The UFOs Invade Our Seas!; Panic Over Mexico; The UFOs Over Russia; Snowmen from the Sky Luis Dominguez, John Celardo

Related Publications

In addition to the comic book, there were two coloring books featuring "UFO Flying Saucer" stories, released under the titles "UFO Space Strangers" and "UFO Seeing is Believing."