L. E. Eeman

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L. E. Eeman
Born Leon Eugenius Albertus Maria Eeman
15 May 1889(1889-05-15)
Shent, Belgium
Died 30 October 1958 (69) 
Harrow, Middlesex, England
Nationality Belgian; British (n. 1914)
Affiliations British Society of Dowsers
Known for X force; Eeman screens

Leon Ernst Eeman (May 15, 1889 - October 30, 1958) was a Belgian-born British entrepreneur and pilot who served with the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. Following a plane crash that left him partially disabled, Eeman sought relief for his injuries through unorthodox research, developing his theory of the X force, and invented what are called Eeman screens (or Eeman biocircuits), mesh screens with insulated copper wires, intended for use in treatment of various maladies.

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