Flying Aces (periodical)

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Flying Aces
Writer(s) Arch Whitehouse, Joe Archibald, Donald E. Keyhoe
Illustrator(s) R. C. Wardel, Paul Bissell, C. B. Mayshark, August Schomburg (covers)
Frequency Monthly / Bi-monthly
Publisher Ace Magazines (Magazine Publishers, Inc.)
First issue September 1928
Country United States
Language English

Flying Aces is a ~180-issue fiction anthology magazine devoted to air adventure stories that was originally published by Ace Magazines from 1928 through 1945. The magazine ran varied serial adventure features, including: Donald E. Keyhoe's Captain Philip Strange, "Phantom Ace of G-2" or "The Brain-Devil", a psychic ace fighter pilot during the First World War; Keyhoe's Richard Knight, a.k.a. Secret Agent "Q", who had the power to see in dark; Arch Whitehouse's Kerry Keene, the "Griffon," secret amphibious plane pilot with the U.S. Justice Department; Joe Archibald's Lt. Phineas Pinkham, a Spad biplane pilot in the 9th Pursuit Squadron at Bar-le-Duc, France during the First World War; and others.