E. W. Bullinger

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Rev. Ethelbert William Bullinger
Born 15 December 1837(1837-12-15)
Canterbury, England, United Kingdom
Died 6 June 1913 (75)
London, England, U.K.
Affiliations Church of England
Known for Dispensationalist theology

Ethelbert William Bullinger (December 15, 1837 - June 6, 1913) was an English priest of the Anglican Church, Biblical scholar, and hyper-dispensationalist theologian, notably a proponent of Acts 28 dispensationalism (or Bullingerism). Of interest, Bullinger wrote in support of the views that the astrological constellations are demonstrations of Biblical revelation, that the Bible may be read numerologically, and that the flat earth hypothesis (as promoted by the Universal Zetetic Society) is valid.

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Bullinger also edited Things To Come: A Journal of Biblical Literature, with the Special Reference to Prophetic Truth from its founding in 1894 until his death.