E. O. Shebbeare

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E. O. Shebbeare
Born 8 March 1884(1884-03-08)
Wykcham, Yorkshire, England
Died 11 August 1964 (80)
Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Affiliations Himalayan Club (founding member)
Known for Transport Officer for various Everest expeditions

Edward Oswald Shebbeare (March 8, 1884 - August 11, 1964) was an English forester who spent thirty-two years in the Indian Forest Service, retiring in 1938 as Chief Conservator of Forests of Bengal, followed by a tenure as Chief Game Warden of Malaya (1938-1942, 1945-1947). He was involved in several Everest expeditions as a Transport Officer.

Selected Bibliography

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