Daniel Vaughan

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Daniel Vaughan
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Alias(es) his name was also given as Daniel Vaughn by some sources
Born c. 1818 or 1820-1821 [1]
Glenomara, County Clare, Ireland
Died 6 April 1879 (58 or 61) [2]
Cincinnati, Ohio
Workplace(s) Professor of Chemistry, Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery
Affiliations Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (A.A.A.S.)
Relative(s) Daniel Vaughan (1791-1859), Catholic Bishop, Diocese of Killaloe

Daniel S. Vaughan (or Vaughn; c. 1821 - April 6, 1879) was an Irish-born mathematician, chemist, astronomer, and scientific writer interested in many other fields besides, who was active in Ohio and Kentucky during the mid-nineteenth century. Vaughan was considered in his time to be something of a savant, noted for having a meekness of character and for being highly reclusive, as well as experiencing enduring impoverishment, which combined to ultimately bring about his death by starvation in 1879.

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  1. Etidorhpa (1895) gives Vaughn's birth year as 1818, while other records, including his obituary notice,, suggest 1820-1821.