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Leonid L. Vasiliev

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Leonid L. Vasiliev
Born 12 April 1891(1891-04-12) [1]
Pskov, Russia
Died 8 February 1966 (74)
Leningrad, USSR
Occupation(s) Professor, Researcher
Alma mater St. Petersburg University (1915-1922)
Workplace(s) Head of Physiology, Bekhterev Brain Institute, Leningrad (1922-38); Professor, Leningrad Pedagogical Institute (1923-); Professor of Physiology, Leningrad University (1943-)
Affiliations USSR Academy of Medical Sciences

Leonid Leonidovich Vasiliev (Russian Cyrillic: Леонид Леонидович Васильев; April 12, 1891 - February 8, 1966) was a Soviet Russian physiologist and parapsychologist, often hailed as the founder of Soviet parapsychology.

Selected Bibliography

in Russian

  • Васильев, Л.Л. (1962), Экспериментальные исследования мысленного внушения, Ленинград: Ленинградского университета  — [English: Experiments in Mental Suggestion]
  • Васильев, Л.Л. (1962), Внушение на расстоянии, Ленинград: Госполитиздат  — [English: Suggestion from a Distance; repub. as Experiments in Distant Influence]
  • Васильев, Л.Л. (1963), Таинственные явления человеческой психики, Ленинград: Госполитиздат  — [English: Mysterious Manifestations of the Human Psyche; repub. as Mysterious Phenomena of the Human Psyche]




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